Cayucos Murals Tour Map
Cayucos Murals Tour Map

Suggested Route for Cayucos Mural Tour

Exit Highway 1 at Cayucos Drive, top of the hill, and proceed to the first stop sign. On your right is the Cayucos Elementary school which has Mural #1 centrally located within the school grounds. Be sure to check in at the office of school is in session.

Make a right turn at the school onto Birch and proceed down the hill. On your right will be Mural #2.

Turn left on B Street and on the left is the mosaic sculpture.

Go back to Cayucos Drive and turn right, proceed to the center of town, Cayucos Drive and Ocean Avenue. Park. Mural #4 is on the Northwest corner this intersection.

Proceed south on Ocean Avenue towards Morro Bay half a block to the Cayucos Saloon for Mural #5 which is inside.

Continue South on Ocean Avenue about two blocks for Mural #6 which is on the south side of the Way Station which houses the American Grill restaurant.

Mural #7 is just one building further south on the south side of the hardware store.

Mural #8 is about five blocks further south on Ocean Avenue at the corner of 3rd Street on the parking lot side of the Cayucos SuperMarket.

Continue south on Ocean Avenue to 13th Street and turn right. Go two clocks to Pacific Avenue and turn left. Pacific will dead end at 24th Street. Turn left and Mural #9 will be the second house on your right. This is a private residence.


1. Cayucos Dr. & Birch Ave; Four murals
Cayucos Elementary School
Check in with School Office

    Subject: What is Real
    Size: 8 x 12 feet
    Artist/Date: 6th, 7th and 8th graders, 2001

    Subject: Community of Imagination
    Size: 6 x 12 feet
    Artist/Date: third, fourth and fifth graders, 2001

    Subject: Creatures of Life
    Size: 8 x 8 feet
    Artist/Date: kindergarten, first and second graders, 2001

    Subject: "Cayucos Scene"
    Size: 15 x 7 feet Artist/Date: School children, 1989">
2. Birch Avenue at B St: Size: 33 x 10 feet
Cayucos Elementary School
Exterior wall facing Hardie Park
Subject: "Carousel"
Cuesta Painting Class, 1994

3. B Street at Birch Avenue
Size: Sculpture area: 35 x 45 feet
Artist/Date: Peter Ladochy, 1999
Master Tile-Setter: Roy Pope
Subject: Cayucos: a Mosaic Sculpture Honoring Indigenous People
Architect: Ruel Czach
Concrete Work: Marc Eisemann
Handprint Tiles: Richard Rowe

4. Ocean Ave. & Cayucos Drive: Size: 40 x 8 feet
Side of Cayucos Surf Shop
Subject: "Butter & Steamer Day at Cass's Cayucos Landing"
Artist/Date: Al Musso, 1994

5. 180 N. Ocean Ave: Size: Varied
Inside Old Cayucos Tavern
Subject: Reproduction of 13 Famous Western Paintings
Artist/Date: Grady Houser, 1980's

6. 180 N. Ocean Ave: Size: 20 x 12 feet
South side of Way Station
Subject: "Delivery at the Cottage Hotel"
Artist/Date: John Meng, 1993

7. 36 N. Ocean Ave: Size: 10 x 10 feet
South side of Ocean Ave. Hardware
Subject: "Cayucos Blacksmith"
Artist/Date: Joanna Spinoza, 1994

8. Ocean Ave. & 3rd St: Size: 50 x 10 feet
Cayucos SuperMarket parking lot
Subject: Underwater scene of "Cave of Mysteries"
Artist/Date: Alan Riggle, 1993

9. 38 Twenty-fourth St.: Size 16 x 7 feet
Private residence garage door
Subject: "Ocean Wave"
Artist/Date: Alan Riggle, 1993

The Mural Society
97 10th St. #3
Cayucos, CA 93430

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